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Often we’re asked, ‘Can the monitor do this …?’ In most cases the answer is, “Yes! Just setup a notification (or report) like this …” Of course, one idea leads to another. So, we thought it would be helpful to you if there were a way to take the monitor app for a test drive.

Enter the Trial Subscription!

Please download the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor App from the Google Play Store. It’s a fully functioning Machine Monitor app, but without the hardware. Use it on devices running any versions of Android from Jelly Bean (4.1.2) to the current, Lollipop (5.1).

Since there is no hardware connection, on the settings page use the toggle buttons to turn on/off inputs; simulating the state of the CNC machine.

Settings screen of the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app when in trial mode.

Settings screen of the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app when in trial mode.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Make sure the tablet/phone is connected to the big wide world (WiFi or data).
  2. Download the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app from the Play Store.
  3. Open the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app.
  4. You’ll first be prompted for a subscription key, choose “Enable Trial”
  5. New button


  6. Next, you’ll be presented with the Contacts screen. Tap the “New” button in the lower right of the screen.
  7. Set yourself up as a contact.
    • Name and one contact method (phone or email) are required.

    Notifications icon

  8. Slide over to the Notification screen.

  1. Setup a notification which will send you a message when Input 1 turns on for more than 3 seconds.
  2. Sample Notification

    Sample test notification

    • Give it a name: Test
    • Assign the input: Input 1
    • Set “Change exists for …” to 3 seconds
    • Choose yourself as the contact.
      • You can change other conditions as well, but with the default notification settings you’ll only need to supply the above four.

    • Touch “Save” (in the upper right of the screen)

  3. Now move over to the Settings screen (gear icon) and tap the Input 1 button.
    • This is also where you can change the name of the inputs, like we did in the screenshot above.

Wait for it . . . *ding* – there’s your message?

Now go back and play with the notification settings. Edit the hours of operation, setup more contacts and have the alert send to several people (some by email, some by text message), enter a custom message, etc.

Sample test report

Sample test report

Then you’ll likely want to go over to the reports page and create some reports like you’ll want when you have the machine monitoring system installed. To get a good sense of reports you’ll need to be patient; we encourage you to try out a report that’s at least a couple hours long. Periodically, during the report time frame, go back to the Settings screen and turn an input on or off- it’ll make the report more realistic.

For instance, make a “by shift” report that covers a 2 hour block, displayed as a line graph, watching all the inputs, sent to yourself; like we have pictured here.

We hope the trial version will be useful to you in seeing the potential Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor has for you and your company.

One more thing to add. We realize you may need to evaluate more than just the app side of things, you may want to be sure how the monitor will work on the shop floor. To that end we’ll let you try more than just the app for free. Contact us to try out the whole system.

The free trial comes with installation assistance (as needed) and no obligation to purchase. Tell us what you’re hoping to gain from your machine monitoring and we’ll work with you setup Nanospark:CNC Machine Monitor to meet those goals. Then at the end of 30-90 days (depending on what your goals are) if the isn’t there for you, we’ll take it back. If you love it, well- then the only question is how many you’ll need.

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