Running Efficiency Snapshots

Goal: Get running efficiency reports from your CNC machine throughout a shift. Use a line graph to get a visual indication of the reason for any dip in efficiency.

You may wish to see a report part way through a shift or even hour by hour during a shift. The key to getting this is to create multiple shift reports that have the same start time, but staggered end times.

Lets imagine we’re creating reports for a pick and place machine that runs Monday through Friday during first shift. Reports will be delivered every two hours; so we’ll make 4 reports.

  • Make sure the appropriate individual(s) are setup as contacts. We’ll be sending to a contact named, “Production Manager”.
  • You may also want to name the inputs according to how Nanospark is wired to your CNC machine. In these examples, we’ve named the inputs “In Cycle”, “Machine Error” and “Feed Hold”.
  • Go to the Reports screen
  • Touch the “New” button, and configure the details as listed below.

  1. Event Name: PnP Hourly- 10am (then 12pm, 2pm, End of Day)

Report Details

  1. Input(s): In Cycle, Machine Error, Feed Hold
  2. Type: Line Graph (all points)
  3. Contact(s): Production Manager

Send Report

  1. By shift:
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 10:00am

End Time: 12:00pm
End Time:
End Time:

  1. Tap “Save”.
    • As you save them, the reports will be listed on the Reports screen.

Report details configured and ready to save

Report Details

The report tiles of the configured running production average reports

Reports Screen

Now as you receive the snapshots throughout the shift, you’ll not only track the efficiency but also see at a glance whether an interruption was an operator adjustment or an error. You’ll also see how long it took to return the machine to production.

To get a sense of graph types and how you can use them effectively, see the article “Line Graph vs Bar Graph”.

If you would like assistance configuring an event for your needs, please contact us.

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