What Nanospark Does



Realtime CNC Machine Monitoring System

What Nanospark Does 

Nanospark enables your machine to communicate with you in formats that are familiar to you, wherever you may be.

With nanospark CNC machine monitor users can receive text messages when machine status changes

Receive text messages regarding machine status

Receive text messages regarding machine status.[/caption]Your CNC machine already gives information to the local operator, Nanospark relays that information to you by e-mail or text message. Nanospark also makes it simple for you to configure the events that you want the CNC machine to tell you about.

For instance, you may want to know if the machine has experienced an error. Nanospark can “see” the machine turn the red light on and send you a notification that the machine needs your attention. By monitoring the green light (or in-cycle) over the course of a shift, day, or week, it can send you an efficiency report about your CNC machine.

We’ve made Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor simple to install and compatible with a wide variety of CNC machines- even older machines which prior to this have had no connectivity.

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