How It Works



Realtime CNC Machine Monitoring System


How It Works

Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor has two parts: the hardware and the app.

Nanospark hardware

Nanospark hardware has 8 inputs

1. The hardware has 8 discrete inputs which wire in parallel with the CNC machine control system. When the machine signals the operator (such as by lighting a report light), the Nanospark device also gets that signal and conveys it to the app.

This simple setup lets you apply a single monitoring solution to all your machines regardless of brand or age. Further, a single Nanospark could be used to monitor more than one machine.

Nanospark CNC Machine Monitor app, notifications page

Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app, notifications page

2. The app, which runs on an attached tablet, monitors the inputs connected to your machine components. If an input is in a state you’ve configured it to watch for, the app sends out a text message or email to the appropriate individual(s).

Nanospark also records the state of the inputs over time, so you can request periodic efficiency reports about the machine. Reports may be sent by job, by shift (or mid-shift), daily, weekly or monthly.

The familiar and intuitive interface of an app, makes configuring and editing events to monitor or record simple. The has other helpful features, such as allowing you to name the inputs, manage contacts, and a help section with links to our website.

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