Preventative Maintenance

One of the features of Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor that we tout is how flexible it is in meeting your unique needs. Here’s an example.

Senasys, Nanospark’s parent company, is using the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor to add an extra layer of assurance to the preventative maintenance program on their Swiss machine. This is in addition to the reports and notifications already in use.

the red button was added to assist with preventative maintenance

The red button was added to assist with preventative maintenance.

Part of their normal maintenance program is keeping the Swiss machine’s lubricant level filled. Operators will glance at the reservoir daily and visually confirm there is sufficient supply. About once a month the reservoir needs to be topped off. To ensure this basic maintenance task is done, they installed a simple dry contact switch, which is manually pressed every time the lubricant is topped off. The switch is wired to Nanospark input 8.

the notification details configured

Notification details (click to enlarge)

A notification was setup on Nanospark to watch for any change (“On and Off”) on input 8; now renamed “Oil”. The “Change exists for …” delay was is set to 720 hours, or one month. If no one tops off the lubricant and presses the button, an email is sent to the shop manager asking him to check the reservoir.

Of course, since you can make all the notifications you’d like, you could stagger notifications at 28 days (672 hours), 30 days (720 hours), and 32 days (768 hours).

A better solution would be to monitor the lubricant level and receive an alert if it gets low. Some Swiss machines have low oil indicators on their control panels. If your’s does, wire a Nanospark input in parallel with the indicator and configure a notification to alert you by email or text message if that input turns on. Alternately, you might install a float switch in the lubricant reservoir.

How will you use Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor to augment your maintenance program?

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