Monitoring Air Pressure

It’s fine to monitor your million-dollar machine tool but it’s better to also monitor your critical auxiliary systems.

For instance, what happens if you lose air pressure? A recent customer of ours had this happen and they estimate that they lost about $5000 before realizing they had a problem. So when we visited to tell them about Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor, one of their first questions was, ‘can I also monitor my air line with that.’

The answer- YES!

Another division of Senasys, Presair, makes an Adjustable Pressure Switch which works perfectly to monitor your shop air pressure. Here’s how you do it.

    1. Obtain an adjustable air pressure switch (you may want the SPDT version) and a 24V power supply.


    1. Tie the pressure switch into the shop air line with a quick connect coupling.
Presair adjustable pressure switch installed on shop air line.

Presair adjustable pressure switch installed on shop air line.


    1. Place the GND wire of the power supply in one of the ground ports of Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor.
      (Keep in mind that the top “G” if for inputs 1-4 and the bottom “G” is for inputs 5-8)
Configure the notification in Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor

Configure the notification in Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor


    1. Attach the power wire to the COM tab of the pressure switch


    1. Wire the NC tab to an input on the Nanospark monitor.


    1. Set the pressure threshold for the switch.
      (If the pressure drops below the threshold the Nanospark will see the input turn off.)


  1. Setup a notification in the app to alert you by text message or email in case the air pressure drops.

Would you like a visual indicator too?

Well, good thing you got a SPDT switch. Get yourself a 24V Red signal light (alarm is optional). Connect it’s power leg to the NO tab of the adjustable pressure switch and the connect all the GNDs together.

Senasys’ machine shop went ahead and set up the visual alarm and tied it into Nanospark. Here’s a couple pics of the switch and light. Note, they used a DPDT switch because the signal light uses 120V

The air pressure switch all wired up. Blue wire goes back to Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor.

The air pressure switch all wired up. Blue wire goes back to Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor.

The signal light

The signal light


Are there any other critical auxiliary systems you’d like monitored?

Contact us, we’d love to help:

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