Installation Instructions




  • Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor system
  • Wall mount hardware (optional)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Voltmeter

  • Wire, 18-24 AWG
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Wire nuts (optional)
  • Electrical tape (optional)

Connecting to your machine

**A machine service professional should install your Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitoring system.**

But if you prefer to do it yourself . . .

    1. Turn off the CNC machine and open the electrical cabinet


    1. On the appropriate terminal block, locate a ground port (or 0V)
Nanospark hardware

Nanospark’s 8 inputs

    1. Run a wire between the CNC machine ground and a ground on Nanospark hardware
      • For inputs 1-4, use the first G
      • For inputs 5-8, use the second G
      • Or you may bridge the two grounds to use all inputs with a single machine ground


    1. On the terminal block, locate the output for the machine component you want to monitor
      • Check the operator’s manual to find the correct output.


      • In the case of mirroring existing signal lights, it may be possible to simply follow the wires to the correct output.
Wires in parallel with CNC machine terminal block outputs.

Wires in parallel with CNC machine terminal block outputs.

    1. Place a wire in parallel with the component’s output and an input on the Nanospark hardware
      • Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the components you want to monitor from this machine.


    1. Power the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor system with 120/240 VAC
      • The simplest method is to plug it into a wall outlet or power line drop.


      • Alternately, some machines may have 120 VAC outputs in the controls cabinet which could be used to power the system.


      • Once the system is powered, any wired components which are on will light an LED on the Nanospark hardware corresponding to the input the component is wired to; giving visual confirmation that things are wired correctly.


    1. Connect the USB cable from the Nanospark hardware to the tablet


  1. Mount the Nanospark device and tablet where it is most convenient for you

Configuring the App

Naming the inputs on the settings page of Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor

Naming the inputs (4-input subscription)

    1. Turn on the Android tablet


    1. In the tablet’s wifi settings, Connect to a wifi network


    1. Open the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app


  1. Go to the Contacts screen
      • Verify that the contacts you gave us are listed (optional)


    • Add additional contacts by tapping the “New” button and filling in their information


  2. Go to the Settings page (gear icon) to Name the inputs according to how you’ve installed the system.
      • To name the inputs the Nanospark hardware must be powered and the USB cable plugged into the tablet.


    • The number of inputs available will correspond to the messaging subscription purchased.


  3. Configure Notifications and Reports
    • Go to the Notifications screen


    • Tap the “New” button


    • Follow the step-by-step notification configuration


  • Save the event


    • Go to the Reports screen


    • Tap the “New” button


    • Follow the step-by-step report configuration


  • Save the event

You’ll now see the event you just configured and summary details displayed on a tile. By tapping on the tile, you can see and edit all of the event details.

Repeat for as many events as you need.


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Of course, if you have questions, please contact us (

For more information, examples of events that may be configured, and application notes, please see our blog.