Report Details

Reports menu iconThe Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app makes creating and editing reports intuitive. Nevertheless we thought you may find it helpful to have a closer look at the report event details.

To see report details, go to the Reports screen by selecting the reports icon from the menu bar. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a “New” button, touch it to create a new report. Or touch an existing report to edit that event’s details.

Report Details

First, you need to identify the report you’re creating.

A snapshot of the details which may be configured for each report made in the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app

Report Details

  1. Event Name: Type the name for your event.
    • When the report is emailed, the name appears as the subject of the email.

  2. Input: Select which input(s) on the Nanospark hardware to monitor.
    • Nanospark continuously records the state of each input.
    • By default the the inputs are simply numbered. However under the Settings page, you may change the name of the inputs according to the CNC machine component that the input is connected to.

  3. Type: Tell Nanospark how you’d like to receive the report. Choose one of the following options:
    • Text Summary (% on)
    • Chart (% on)
    • Line Graph (all data points)
    • Stacked Bar Graph (%on)
    • .CSV file (all data points)
    • “% on” reports will net a summary such as this:

      Subject: Swiss daily production
      Body: This report covers: Apr 14, 2015 07:00 AM – Apr 14, 2015 03:30 PM
          During which time 0h 00m were not monitored

          Machine Error was ON for 0h 35m (7.3%)

          In-Cycle was ON for 7h 25m (92.7%)

An example of a line graph report from Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor

Line graph report (click to zoom in)

Send Report

Now set the time frame for the report.

  1. By Job: You’ll be prompted to enter the job number as well as a part number and description.
    • When you select “Save” the app will ask if you’re ready to begin monitoring.
    • If you’re not ready at that time, choose NO. When you are ready to start the job, simply touch the report tile. The app will ask again if you’re ready to start. If you are, choose Yes, if not, choose No and you’ll be brought to the report details for editing.
    • When the job report is active, touching the tile will allow you either to stop the job or edit the report details.

  2. By Shift: Define the shift times to receive a report automatically at the end of a shift.
    • This option can also be used for mid-shift reports

  3. Daily: Choose this option to have a report summarizing the past 24 hours.
    • Set the time of delivery and on which days to receive the report.

  4. Weekly: A summary of the last 168 hours.
    • Set the day and time you’ll receive the report.

  5. Monthly: Automatically receive a report regarding the last calendar month.
    • The report is delivered at 12:01 on the 1st day of each month.
Report event tile

Report event tile

With the event details configured, you may now tap “Save”. The report’s tile will be added to the Reports screen.

We hope the above explanations help you feel confident about setting up reports in Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor. You may also want to see the article which discusses each notification event detail.

Please contact us if you have additional questions about configuring reports.

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