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Notification event tile, input off

Notification tile

The Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor app makes creating and editing notifications intuitive. Nonetheless we thought you may find it helpful to have a closer look at the notification details.

First, go to the Notifications screen by selecting the notification icon from the menu bar. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a “New” button, touch it to create a new notification. Or touch an existing notification to edit that event’s details.

Notification Details

First, identify the event you’re creating.

  1. Event Name: Type the name for your event.
    • The event name appears in the subject of an email notification and in the body of a text message notification. So, although you have a message which may be configured further along in the details, how you name the event can be helpful in quickly conveying the information you’re looking for.

  2. Description: (optional) Provide more information about this event, such as which machine it relates to.

    • What you type here is not sent by email or text, it is only for “local” clarification.

Event Details

    Notification tile, input on

  1. Input: Select which input on the Nanospark hardware to monitor.
    • By default the the inputs are simply numbered. However under the Settings page, you may change the name of the inputs according to the CNC machine component that the input is connected to.
    • The input and it’s current input state is shown on the notification tile

  2. Trigger: Tell Nanospark what input state should trigger sending the notification. The options are:
    • On
    • Off
    • On and Off
    • (If the input is in the trigger state when the notification is created, the app will wait until the input changes state and returns to the trigger state before it will send the notification message.)
  3. Change exists for: Set the sending delay; that is how long the input must be in the trigger state before a message is sent.

by default notifications are "always on"

When Active

You’ll use this set of details to determine when this notification should be active.

  1. All Day: The notification is “always on” unless you toggle this off.
  2. Start Time and End Time: Set the time frame this notification will monitor the input on each day that it’s active.
    • These options will only appear if All Day is set to NO.
    • The time frame may start on one day and end on the next. For instance:
      • Start Time… 4:00 pm
      • End Time… (next day) 8:00 am
    Selecting which days the notification will be active

    Selecting which days the notification will be active

  3. Days: Set which days the notification will be active.
    • By default all seven days are selected. So, if you want daily monitoring for this notification, just move on to the next detail. Or pull up the list of days to begin de-selecting days.
    • Assign day(s) based on the notification’s start time. Once started, the notification will remain active until it reaches the set end time; even if that’s on a de-selected day. By way of example, if the configuration is as follows:
      • Start Time… 4:00 pm
      • End Time… 8:00 am
      • Days… Fr, Sa, Su

      the notification will be active every Friday at 4pm until Saturday at 8am, Saturday at 4pm until Sunday at 8am, and Sunday at 4pm until Monday at 8am.

      Therefore, to monitor a complete weekend, without overlapping workday shifts, you’ll need two notifications (see complete example here).

  4. Start Date and End Date: (optional) Use these fields to specify the specific date range the notification should run (perhaps over a holiday weekend or during an evaluation period).

Send Notification

This final set of details relates to the notification messages.

  1. Contacts: Select who will receive messages from this notification.
    • You may select multiple contacts.

  2. Format: Set how the contact(s) should receive messages.
    The options are:

    • Email
    • Text Message (SMS)
    • Both (by selecting both buttons)
    • If a contact does is not configured to receive a message format that’s been specified, you’ll be alerted but will still be able to save the notification

  3. Message: (optional) Type a custom message which will be sent when the notification is triggered.

    • The default message is: “{event name}. {input name} is {input state}.”
    • or “Swiss1, Up and Running. Green light is ON.”

    • Your custom message is limited to 116 characters.

With the event details configured, you may now tap “Save”. The notification’s tile will be added to the Notifications screen in the order it was created. You may make as many notifications as you need.

We hope the above explanations help you feel confident about setting up notifications in Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor. You may also want to see the article which discusses each report event detail.

Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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