What are Reports and Notifications?

The main function of Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor is sending machine owners reports and notifications relating to the status of their CNC machines. Since reports and notifications track what’s happening with the machine- machine events, if you will- we refer to them collectively as events. In this post we’ll give an overview of each event type.

Notifications icon

     What are Notifications?

Notifications are messages indicating the change in status, of a component on the CNC machine. For instance, “the green light is back on” (translation- ‘we’re up and running’). Because they’re often used to alert the user that intervention is needed, notifications tend to be sent as text messages (SMS).

Notification tile, input on

Notification event tile

Of course, not every change in every component is noteworthy. So when configuring a notification Nanospark helps you choose the component to watch, what state should trigger a message and how long that component must be in that state before a message would be sent.

Here is a list of the details you can configure: . . .
Identify the Event

  • Event Name
  • Description

Input Details

  • Input
  • Trigger
  • Change exists for …

When Active

  • All Day (toggle Yes/No)
  • Days (of the week)
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Send Notification

  • Contact(s)
  • Message Type
  • Message

For an in depth look st the details see the article: “Notification Details”.

Reports menu icon

     What are Reports?

Reports give you a snapshot of the CNC machine’s activity. Nanospark continuously records the state of each input, letting you request periodic summaries. Reports may be scheduled by Job, by Shift, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Report event tile

Report event tile

You may select how you want to see the summary; as a chart or line graph. Should you want to analyze the data points in depth or create charts and graphs, a report may be configured to send all the accumulated data in a .csv file.

Reports are only sent by email.

Here is a list of the details you can configure: . . .
Identify the Event

  • Event Name

Report Details

  • Input(s)
  • Type (text only, chart, line graph, .csv file)
  • Contact(s)

Send Report

  • By Job
  • By Shift
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • monthly

For more information see the post: “Report Details”.

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