Robot + Hyundai-Kia SKT-250 and VX400

Plainsman Manufacturing is a manufacturing and distribution company with in-house engineering, operating out of Edmonton, AB. Since 1966 they’ve been known for making quality parts for oilfield production, pipeline maintenance, construction and gas and water distribution.

Their 44,000 sq ft facility, extensive inventory and solid distribution base, allow them to effectively look after customer’s needs; providing their customer’s with personal service and attention. They have been ISO:9001 certified since 1994.

Earlier this year, before Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor even had efficiency reports built in, we were contacted by Luke Czyz, Operation Manager for Plainsman Manufacturing. He was looking for a monitoring solution that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg to apply to their 16 CNC machines.

When efficiency reports were added to the Nanospark: CNC Machine Monitor package, Luke jumped on board- installing their monitor just in time for their yearly open house. They are currently evaluating the machine monitoring system on a manufacturing cell which includes a Robot for loading parts, a Hyundai-KIA SKT-250 turning center and a Hyundai-KIA VX400 vertical machining center; with a view to implementing throughout their facility.

How complicated was installation? Plainsman received their monitor on Monday May 4, 2015. The installation instruction card (included in the shipment) and a 2 minute phone conversation to answer a question they had, was all they needed to install the monitor. It was up and running for their open house the next day.

How the machine monitor is being used? Luke tells us how notifications are being used to decrease machine down time, “The device monitors the robot and the longest run time machine. It sends a text to either the nightshift or dayshift operator if either stops for more than a predetermined amount of time.” He also receives a monthly efficiency report in csv format, the data from which he pastes into a spreadsheet template.

What is their initial perception? “[It] works well. The report still needs to be tweaked a bit but overall it does what it is supposed to, operators don’t have to be around to know that they are needed and I know all about any prolonged issues each month,” says Luke.

Here are a couple pictures of their setup, which as Luke states is “kind of a makeshift setup until I roll out the project company wide.”

VX400, Robot, SKT-250

The monitored cell: VX400, Robot, SKT-250

Setup on cart behind SKT-250

Setup on cart behind SKT-250

Notifications configured on Plainsman's CNC Machine Monitor app

Notifications configured on Plainsman’s CNC Machine Monitor app

We want to thank Plainsman for sharing their application with us.

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