Air Pressure Monitor

Hand holding phone with text message from Air Pressure Monitor
Previously we recounted how one manufacturer used the Machine Monitor to monitor his shop air so that if there’s a drop in pressure that would threaten production, his team gets text message alerts BEFORE anything goes down.

Would you like to be alerted if your shop air pressure started dropping?

We took this solution and put it into a simple package for you to use in your shop. It’s now available for sale on for $360.

But you may wonder:

• What comes in the Pressure Alarm Kit?

• How do I install it?

• How do I configure alerts within the app?

What Comes with the Kit

    • Pressure switch, 1-125 PSI, field adjustable, pre-wired to monitor


    • Nanospark monitor hardware


  • 4.5″ Android phone with monitor app installed

What You Need to Supply

    • WiFi network (if WiFi is unavailable, please contact us for an alternate solution)


    • Power outlet


  • Pipe fittings (switch has a 1/8 NPT threaded end)



    1. Location considerations:
      • Access to a power outlet


      • A strong WiFi signal


      • Can pipe the switch into your shop air line.
        (The switch comes pre-wired to the hardware with 10′ leads, so you have some flexibility in terms of placement.)


    1. Connect the pressure switch to your air line.


    1. Plug in the Nanospark Monitor hardware.


    1. After you see the “Board Connected” message, Open the Machine Monitor app from the main screen of the tablet.


  1. Enter contacts within the app.
    (This is pretty intuitive, but there’s a Getting Started Guide included in the box, just in case.)

Configuring an Air Pressure Alert

Once you have a contact setup, you can configure an alert. So slide over to the notifications tab and:

    1. Touch the “New” button in the lower right corner


    1. Name the alert


    1. Select the Pressure Alarm input


    1. Set how long the alarm must be on in order to trigger an alert.
      You’ll want to balance this between having enough time to respond to a problem and preventing false positives. A default baseline of 30-60 seconds may be a helpful starting point.


    1. Limit the time frame for this alert to be active; by default it’s always active


    1. Choose who should receive the alert. This can be multiple contacts.


    1. Select whether they should get a text message (SMS) or email alert.


    1. Customize the message if needed.
      By default the message will read “[Name of alert]. Pressure Alarm is On.” (see first image)


  1. SAVE!

Incidentally, you’re welcome to create as many contacts and alerts as needed within the app.


Now what?

Order One Online or Contact Us.

Nanospark, Inc
704 Bartlett Ave
Altoona, WI 54720

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